Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday night update

Overall Myla has been doing great! She was able to get up yesterday around 5 in the evening. Her first attempt, she yelled "ow" but like the doctor said if you let her on her terms she will most likely be more willing. About 30 minutes after the doctor left, sure enough she wanted me to hold her and for the first time in 48 hours-a rough 48 hours-I was able to hold my sweet baby!

I was so overjoyed to have this precious moment. You may wonder why Myla never has on a gown, well, the long and short is she hates them! Any time we could get one on her in PICU, when she would wake up, the first thing she would do is rip it off and anything else she could find. Many attempts at the heart monitors, pulse ox, and IV. That is why she has on the little white and yellow splint-to keep her other hand from pulling IV out.

She then went for a wagon ride to the playroom down the hall. Although there weren't a lot of smiles, I know she was glad to get out of her room. Especially since her siblings, Daddy, and Aunt Angie were with her!

Well, the fun went down hill from there and it really had nothing to do with her back or getting her up. She was very tired and I think she has had bouts of itching from her pain medication. She had one last night and ordered Benadryl-but it took forever to get up to the floor. She ate pretty good, but then had some bizzare blister on her tongue. An hour and a half later she calmed down and went into a good deep sleep. Thankfully the night time sleep was very good with only two interuptions and she went back to sleep withing 20 minutes of the nurses leaving.

Thank everyone one of you for praying. We have truly felt God's hand through all of this. Myla is surprising us every day as her recovery has been great. Her surgery was shorter than expected, her incision is shorter than expected, and we will probably go home on the earlier end of our estimation! The issues we have been dealing with haven't had much to do with her back!! The other issues have been unexpected but what 2 year old or even 40 year old likes needles in their hands and feet, or to feel like they are itching to death! She is such a trooper!

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